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vulcangreetings's Journal

Live Long and Prosper
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This morning I received a strange e-mail from a random stranger. I posted it in this profile so that you may know what he requested of me:

Greetings, greetings, loyal citizen.

I come to you with an admittedly bizarre request. You see... I am wondering if you'd condone sending me a photograph of yourself demonstrating the Vulcan "live long and prosper" hand sign. I claim no secret motive in humbly making this request other than the fact that I'm a nerdfully endowed sci-fi geek who enjoys seeing people display this hand sign. I harbor no fetishistic desires for these pictures; I simply think it's a neat photo to ask for. But I realize the sudden appearance of this message may cause you to look upon me as a creepy, lurking troll, so if it'll help to mollify your unease, I offer this further reason: It was my great-great-grandmother's dying wish that I be blessed with piles and piles of Star Trekkian photos. I will certainly understand if you think this request o' mine to be nothing more than a foolish and idiotic plea--and there will be no hard feelings if you should choose to ignore it--but think of my dear anciently departed master-ancestor and her desire for me to be so blissfully happy.

If you're willing to send this picture, but are not sure what the fabled hand sign looks like, please refer to my profile photographs. There you will be promptly taken to an example of Mr. Spock's famously logical claim to fame.

With a clack of my bejeweled slippers and a crisp snap of my satin cape, I graciously bow to you for taking the time to humor my sci-fi desires. Adieu!

After sending him my picture, it sparked something in me. Suddenly, I have the desire to see people giving the vulcan greeting! And so, my friends, I ask you to help him out! Help me out! But most of all: