upscumbag (upscumbag) wrote in vulcangreetings,

My great-great-grandmother's great-great-ghost smiles upon thee.

Well! As a winter-fresh tear now dances down my pudgy cheek, I can honestly say that this community is perhaps the most resplendent act of kindness ever visited upon me. It's like I woke up in some futuristic Awesomedrome where everybody wants to tickle my fancy with their offering of the "live long and prosper" hand sign. Not even the fearsome arachnidroids, whose sole function is to shatter my spine, could possibly harm me in such a place as this. I truly am thankful for your efforts, Miss dreamocean9/succubus56. You have made me into a happy fellow indeed!

As the progenitor-of-sorts for this this Vulcan Valhalla it is only appropriate that I contribute to its fledgling legacy. Awaken!:

Click this quote/unquote link, please.
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